Our 2 Warranty is designed to ensure your peace of mind for a period of 2 YEARS from the date of your purchase. Under this warranty, we are committed to repairing or replacing any product that encounters functional defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the following conditions:

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty coverage extends to all original Fagaci products purchased directly from us. To be eligible for warranty service, products must meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of Purchase: The product must be accompanied by an order number. This number is crucial as it verifies your purchase and is used to track warranty eligibility. In the event that you cannot locate your order number, please provide the full name or email address associated with your order so that we may assist you in retrieving your purchase records.
  • Duration: The warranty is valid for a period of two years from the original date of purchase.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Our warranty applies to defects resulting from manufacturing errors or substandard quality that affect the normal function of your product.

Limitations of Warranty Coverage

Please note that certain conditions and product parts are excluded from our warranty coverage. These are as follows:

  • Accessory Exclusions: Accessories such as guards, chargers, and brushes are covered by a 30-day warranty from the date of receipt. Given their regular use and normal wear and tear, we cannot provide extended warranty coverage for these items.
  • Handling Damage: Any products that have sustained damage due to accidental dropping, exposure to water, or improper care as per the guidance provided in the product manual, are not covered by our warranty.
  • Shear Edges: The edge of shears is covered by a 30-day warranty. Their longevity is subject to variables such as frequency of use, hair type they are used on, and the level of maintenance they receive.
  • Clipper Blades: Similar to shear edges, clipper blades are considered consumable accessories with a 30-day warranty. Due to natural wear, blades require routine sharpening or replacement, and thus are not covered beyond the initial 30 days.
  • Unauthorized Modifications: Our warranty does not cover products that have been modified, tampered with, or opened by the customer in any way that deviates from the original design and intended use.

Assurance of Service

Our customer care team is dedicated to assisting you with any warranty-related inquiries or services. Should you experience any issues with your Fagaci product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and ensure your satisfaction with every purchase.

Thank you for choosing Fagaci. Your trust in our brand is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to serving you with excellence